Sui Wei
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General Information

Name:Wei Sui

Title: Professor

Unit:Anhui University, PRC

Address:3 Feixi Road,Hefei City,Anhui,PRC

Postalcode 230039

Telephone: (86)551-5105488



B.S. EquivalentNanjing Industrial College (now South-eastUniversity),Nanjing, China.

9/1964-9/1970,Major in ElectronicEngineering


Work Experience

Engineer, China,9/1970-9/1978.

Researcher, Institute of Hefei Intelligent Machine of Academic China,9/1978-10/1996.


Visiting scientist

Michigan University & Virginia Politechnique College,USA,3/1983-9/1985

On Board member

National High Technique Project on Intelligent Machine 10/1991-5/1998

Vice President,Anhui University,10/1996-5/2007.

On board Member on Information Branch of Science & Technique Committee of Ministry Education, China

Counselor of Anhui Provincial Government

Professor,AnhuiUniversity, 9/2007 -present,

Member of Doctoral faculty.

Academic committee deputy director, Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing & Signal ProcessingMinistry of EducationAnhui University

Research areas

Computer Vision, Imaging & Display