Xingyi Zhang
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  Xingyi Zhang, now is director of Key Laboratory of Intelligence Computational & Signal Processing(Anhui University), Ministry of Education, director of Institute of Intelligent Science and Cyber Security, Institute of Physical Science and Information Technology, and director of Institute of Bioinspired Intelligence and Mining Knowledge(BIMK), School of Computer Science Technology, Anhui University.

  He graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a PhD in June 2009 and visited the University of Surrey in the UK for one year from 2013 to 2014. At present, his research fields include multi-objective evolutionary optimization and application, social and biological network analysis, artificial intelligence, etc. He published more than 60 papers in domestic and international academic journals, and more than 40 of them was included SCI. He published more than 20 papers in the IEEE TEVC, IEEE TNNLS, IEEE TCYB, IEEE CIM, which are international journals of great influence, and won the IEEE TEVC computational intelligence best paper award, 2018 and IEEE CIM best paper award in 2020. He is currently the editorial board member of International Journal of Complex & Intelligent Systems and International Journal of bio-inspired Computation.







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