Chao Xu
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Xu Chao, male, born in 1962, PhD, winner of the government allowance of State Council. At present, he holds the positions of the deputy dean of School of Electronic and Information Engineering ,Anhui University, the vice director of Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing(in Anhui University) of Ministry of Education, the vice-chairman of youth academic committee of China Instrument and Control Society, the vice secretary general of Anhui Software Industry Association, the member of expert consultation committee about informatization in Anhui Province, the member of expert committee about informatization of manufacturing industry in Anhui Province,etc. He presided over or participated in the key and major scientific and technical projects with national, provincial or municipal level for many times. Those projects were awarded 1 first prize, 1 second prize ,6 third prizes of provincial science and technology progress award,1 second prize of provincial science and technology achievement award in colleges and universities, and 1 municipal-department-level prize of science and technology progress special award. He has published 2 monographs and more than 30 papers.