Xianliang Wu
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Wu Xianliang, male, born in August 1955, Professor, Ph.D. supervisor.He mainly engaged in the teaching about electromagnetic field and microwave technology as well as the research work about electromagnetic field theory, mobile communication, complex target electromagnetic scattering, inverse scattering theory and electromagnetic field numerical methods and other aspects.He is the trans-century academic leader of Anhui Province, the academic leader of national key discipline about the research direction of computer application mode signal processing in Anhui University,theacademic leader of provincial key discipline electromagnetic field and microwave technology, the national outstanding teacher,the model worker of Anhui Province and the 5·1 Labor Medalist. He holds the positions of the senior member of  Chinese Institute of Electronics, the vice chairman of specialized committee of microwave measurement and antenna theory, the specialized committee member of electromagnetic scattering, the director of the branch of microwave and so on.He has successively takencharge of 1 key project of the National Natural Science Foundation,4 general programs, 1 project of National Fundamental Research and National 9th Five-year Plan Local Major Scientific Research, 2 project of National Ministry of Education and 1 doctoral fund programfor colleges and universities.He has published 2 monographs and more than 200 papers, more than 100 of which have been indexed in SCI/EI. He once won 1 thirdprize of Science and Technology Progress Award of State Education Commission,1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 2 third prizes of Anhui Science and Technology Award about natural science,1 second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Anhui Provincial Education Commission and 1 third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Anhui Provincial Higher Education Commission.