Jianguo Wu
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 Wu Jianguo, Professor, doctoral supervisor, was awarded the special government allowance by State Council. He has engaged in the teaching and research work of computer application technology for a long time. His main research directions comprise intelligent CAD/EDA, recognition technology and embedded system, and he has published more than 60 papers. He presided over and took charge of more than 10 scientific research project of nation, ministries and commissions as well as Anhui Province, including the pen-based OCR reader, the research about optimization method for control flow synthesis in ASIC automatic design, the labeling reading device and application system based on intelligent image symbol recognition system, the application system of image acquisition and recognition based on intelligent embedded system and the research about computer large screen virtual touch device based on image recognition. The achievements of those projects were awarded 6 national invention patent authorizations,1 third prize of ministerial-level science progress award, 2 second prizes of provincial science progress award, 1 third prize of ministerial-level and 2 third prizes of provincial science progress award .He once developed China's first bar code reader, and the hand-held automatic scanning translation electronic dictionary which he developed as the preside obtained the technology transfer fee for 30 million yuan in Shenzhen High-Tech Fair . He has in-depth knowledge and practice not only in the major of computer, but also in the subjects of electricity, industrial control ,electronic technology and so on. He possesses the ability and experience in management, organization and independent commitment of engineering project, research topic and product development about the computer major and other relevant majors.